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Jamie Tandoh

After Hours at The Bicycle Bakery: Our day begins at 5am. We open the doors early and wave goodbye to the last customers nearly 10…

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Chantelle Kallmeier

Take a large bowl of high-profile customers, elevated levels of expectation and scrutiny, then fold in immense amounts of stress-induced adrenaline. Add to the mix…

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Dave Sayers

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve suffered with mental health issues. I remember being dragged to the Doctor’s by my Dad at the age…
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Jamie Lumsden

On my 18th birthday, I travelled to London from my home town, Colchester. I worked for free in a French bistro in Soho until…
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Darryl Quested

I always find it difficult to explain my anxiety and depression to people, it all began with me at a young age, being diagnosed with…
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Jools Moore

Mental health week was last month. For me it’s every week, every day, every hour, sometimes the minute I’m in. I live with a brain…
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James Douglas

“My name is JD, and I am …..” I thought I was invincible.  I was addicted to working hard, didn’t really take days off or…
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Doug Sanham

Over the course of my lifetime I’ve had moments in which I have felt isolated and alone. I have noticed that in part, I isolate…
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Andrew Clarke

Andrew’s story began with a post to Instagram. Little did he know at the time that his story would inspire hundreds of people feeling very…
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