Jools Moore


Mental health week was last month. For me it’s every week, every day, every hour, sometimes the minute I’m in. I live with a brain that’s outta control sometimes. I’ve trained it to be on par….mostly.

Recently I’ve plucked up the courage and have booked myself in with the doctor to be assessed for what I believe I have, but have never been diagnosed for which is, ADHD predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive. I sure hope the doc confirms what I know and have felt in my brain since I was a kid.

Mental health has such a stigma, my last employer sacked me without giving a  care about why I quit the job I’d been dedicated to for two years, the reasons about me walking out the kitchen in such a state. All the company cared about was me bringing the company into disrepute and bringing them a bad name, even though I stated my mental health issues and had asked for support which was not taken into consideration, it’s sad when you dedicate your life to a kitchen and employer, go over and above the call of duty by trying to save money by cutting down on staff, working harder and under more duress to then be tossed aside when they’ve had their chuck of you. Employers should do more to care less about profit and more about their staff and what they put them through in the name of making more money rather than the welfare of their staff. Why do chefs in restaurants in London have to work 6 shifts instead of 5? It’s a standard thing, why make us work longer hours giving us less time off to relax and unwind than make a little less profit and employ more chefs to run the kitchen?

Well here’s me saying a big f*ck you to anyone who says mental health is a not an issue or is for only for the weak, or something you should “snap out of” “toughen up” etc blah blah blah.  It attacks us in all forms from anxiety to depression to grief and just everyday life. Everyone is going through their own hell, some deal with it better than others. Some don’t. Let me tell you this. Even if we have never met in person. I’ll happily listen to anyone one that needs an ear. You’re never alone. It’s a long long long way down and even further to get back up again. But together we can help each other make life better for everyone by just being nicer and asking “are you okay?” And not being afraid to answer back….no…..can you help me?


We cannot do this alone. We need your ideas, we need your connections.
Together, we can create a community of like-minded professionals united by a common cause: to shine a light on these issues,
and act as a beacon of support to those affected by them.

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