Jonny Rothfield


I had a mental breakdown in June 2015. I apparently left home around 5am on a Monday morning and was declared a missing person for 4 days. I was found over 100 miles away from home. From what I’ve been told I walked there, but I was also seen with my legs dangling over a rail line in CCTV.  My girlfriend at the time and my boss started a large social media campaign to find me under the #findjonny If you look it’s still on Twitter.

It was shared over 150k times and there were articles in local and national press. I had no knowledge of this until well after my return.

I was diagnosed with a breakdown and a critically low level of serotonin. Looking back it can be attributed to 3 factors: overwork and stress from it, financial worries, my partner’s miscarriage a few weeks before.

I was lucky. I had incredible support from my employer, Restaurant Associates and my line manager in particular. I was allowed all the time I needed to get myself better and did a very gradual structured return to work. 

I’m lucky that I still have the ongoing support and that I can take time out if needed without any stigma or difficulty if I feel my mental health isn’t very good.

Ps. I am now a Mental Health ambassador for the company and also an about to train as a Mental Health First Aider at work, all supported by my employer


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