Jamie Tandoh


After Hours at The Bicycle Bakery:

Our day begins at 5am. We open the doors early and wave goodbye to the last customers nearly 10 hours later. The shop may be ‘closed’ but there are still important jobs to be done.

The team here work amazingly hard…but people can also let you down, leave you in the lurch and make a tough job 10x tougher. Tonight I have to put in the hard yards to keep it all together and here is the result you don’t often get to see.

I’m here alone, 17 hours after starting work. This happens more evenings than I care to admit. This is the look of sheer frustration, exhaustion and mental fatigue.

The industry is hard, brutal and thankless at times but we all keep at it. We punish ourselves both physically and mentally so we can please those who eat what we produce. It is passion of mine and an honour to do so…but at what cost?’


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