Dalston’s Soda

Dalston’s Soda started in the most vibrant and eclectic of East London homes: the iconic Passing Clouds nightclub in Dalston – a hub of spoken word, reggae, gypsy swing and everything in between.  
It was there that founder and previous chef Duncan O’Brien started mashing and blending the first bottles of Dalston’s Cola by hand in a tiny kitchen to sell at the venue as its alternative to mainstream soft drinks. “My time as a chef really informed both how we built Dalston’s and our approach to how we make drinks,” he says. “You should find the best ingredients you can, pay a lot of attention to sourcing and then present them in the best way possible.”  

The company has come a long way since those first days hand-making cola to sell at Passing Clouds. Their full range of real fruit Sodas and Seltzers can be found stocked in all great shops, restaurants and pubs in the UK and even further afield.

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