Darryl Quested

I always find it difficult to explain my anxiety and depression to people, it all began with me at a young age, being diagnosed with GAD and depression at the age of 13 (the year my mother was first diagnosed with cancer) The doctors threw all kinds of pills at Read More

Jools Moore

Mental health week was last month. For me it’s every week, every day, every hour, sometimes the minute I’m in. I live with a brain that’s outta control sometimes. I’ve trained it to be on par….mostly. Recently I’ve plucked up the courage and have booked myself in with the doctor Read More

James Douglas

“My name is JD, and I am …..” I thought I was invincible.  I was addicted to working hard, didn’t really take days off or time away and my personal lifewas a soap-opera inspired drama. Before my entire world began to collapse around me, I thought I had everything under Read More

Doug Sanham

Over the course of my lifetime I’ve had moments in which I have felt isolated and alone. I have noticed that in part, I isolate myself and keep myself alone. When I became a chef, I began to understand the notion of ‘family’. You’re with people all day, who you Read More

Andrew Clarke

Andrew’s story began with a post to Instagram. Little did he know at the time that his story would inspire hundreds of people feeling very similarly and lead to a news article in the Guardian and the foundation of Pilot Light. You can find his story in the Instagram post Read More